Creative Coding

Block out landscapes and characters in 3d and run them through a neural network to make them look like art from the olden days.

Archer - Style transfer.

Landscape - Style transfer.

External links

There are many ways to do achieve this. A good place to dip your toes is over on git hub that holds many examples. A great place to start however is in reiinakanos Arbitrary style transfer example (first link below) where you can test any style on any picture without having to spend hours training a neural network. It does eat your ram though ^^

DavidCai1993/style-transfer.js | More style transfer with TensorFlow.

@genekogan/Experiments with style transfer | A Great article and breakdown, fuel for inspiration.

Jimmy Gunawan/Blender and Python TuriCreate for Style Transfer | So how do I do this in Blender?