I did not carve these prices in a stone and riced it in my garden for generations to come. Obviously, all projects are unique with there own special needs. The craft, however, is usually very similar. Attention to detail is spent differently on different steps in the process. A character for a VR experience is not the same as a 2D isometric player character for a mobile game. It usually breaks even in the long run. I'm saying, I'm flexible with pricing and time and would love to hear from you about your project.

CG & animation

  • $125 for a fully rigged humanoid model.
  • $125 for fully rigged vehicles, boats and alike.
  • $245 for mounted characters. Like bike, horse or chariots.
  • $45 for static models. Like a buildings or a special tree.
  • $18 per animation.
  • $15-$80 for rigging.

Back-end development

  • $124 hourly

Working with me.

As you can read in my bio I mainly use open source software and there is a good reason or that. I store all your project files on a server so you can fetch them when you need them. I have stories of clients asking me for files going back 5 years "No problems, heres's your catalog". I also keep a version of the software used when the project took place. Of course, this is optional, but if you don't say anything. I just do this. And, If I for some reason would be of the grid and you urgently need tweaks to the animations (for example). You can always download the project files and hire another skilled animator.

Open source
Unreal Engine 4
Unity 3D
Up Work