2D Isometric

These models are all first made in 3D. They are rigged and animated. Each animation is looped and renderd with one camera going around it in 45 degrees steps.

Midevil characters | *PC (20 MB)
Isometric animated midevil soldiers.

Worldwar II vehicles | *PC (28 MB)
Isometric animated WW2 vehicle made for Terranion.

Galley | *PC (7 MB)
Isometric animated ship made for Terranion.

Cowboy | *PC (965 KB)
This character demonstrates some interavtive elements. Move with "WASD", "Space" to jump. Aim with "Right-Mouse" and fire with "Left-Mouse".

2D animaiton

Friendly Monsters | *PC (4.6 MB)
Character from multiplayer memory game.

* Recomended to open on a PC or laptop. Keyboard and mouse might be requierd.