Unity Asset Store

This is my little shaft on the Unity asset marketplace. Some people asked if it's Ok to use them outside Unity. And of course, it is. Welcome inside and have a look.



Metal is important

The blendfile contains materials. Each representing the true color of the metals in its rgb value. Basicly, a photograpy of a peace of each metal have bean blured to find a midle value.

Aliminium: rgb(0.913, 0.921, 0.925), cobalt: rgb(0.662, 0.662, 0.662), copper: rgb(0.955, 0.637, 0.538), silver: rgb(0.972, 0.960, 0.915), nickel: rgb(0.600, 0.609, 0.526), iron: rgb(0.560, 0.570, 0.58), gold: rgb(1.000, 0.766, 0.336), titanium: rgb(0.542, 0.497, 0.449)

| m_metals

Unwraped sphere for stitched 360 images.

This sphere has a UV-Map specificly made for stiched 360 photos taken with a 360 camera.

| 360 UV Sphere.obj

Stereoscopic 360 UV Sphere

Like above, but this have a Left and Right eye UV layout for stereoscopic images.

| stereoscopic 360 Sphere.obj